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Ephemeral (The Countenance, #1) - Addison Moore 1.5/5

Ephemeral oozes with idiotic girls. I can't fathom just how anti-feministic this book is. Girls in Ephemeral have no respect for their own selves. There are several instances of break-ups due to third party on the side of the boy, but instead of hating both the boy and the third party, the girl always exacts her revenge on the third party alone. Wut? What's worse is the girl whom the guy cheated on keeps coming back (and forcing herself) to the guy even when the guy is already clearly into someone else. Really, I weep for your womanness.

Ephemeral is told from Laken's POV and from the beginning till end, we get to suffer from her boy-craziness as she constantly emphasize every boy's gorgeousness. Wes is gorgeous, Cooper is gorgeous, Flynn is gorgeous, blah blah blah. The romance is extremely overdone. Practically every page screamed romance and steamy scenes that when you try to look beyond the love story, you'll find there's hardly a plot at all. The plot only surfaced more than halfway through.

Ephemeral could have been a really good read, but I think Addison focused more on the unnecessary aspects rather than the important ones (i.e. plot).