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Being Jamie Baker - Kelly Oram 2.5/5 – I thought Ryan was a refreshing take on a male MC. He’s honest, confident, cocky, fun, stubborn, flirty and so very loyal to a fault. He loves his family so much and he stands up for what’s right even though doing so means going against his best friends. The main protagonist, Jamie, on the other hand, maintains a front as an ice queen who seems cold, passive and isolated but deep down, she’s caring and funny but she also wallows in self-pity and constantly blames herself for Derek’s death. I would’ve liked her relationship with Ryan so much better had Kelly cut the like-me-push-me cycle in half. It’s good in the beginning but really gets tiring when it keeps happening again and again until you just dgaf anymore. Though I have to admit that Ryan’s advances towards Jamie can also be cute sometimes especially when he tries to kiss/touch her ‘against’ her will.