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Tangled - Emma Chase 3.5/5 – Plot-wise, I didn’t see what made Tangled so very special. I thought it was generic – something we’ve already read about or seen countless of times on books or TV. But when it comes to the characters… well, there’s something different about Drew even though I’m not unfamiliar with his character trope. Drew can be sweet, an asshole AND a jerk all at the same time. The guy is VERY witty – practically everything that comes out of his mouth is GOLD. I love his voice and I love how informative this book is in regards with the opposite sex. I found myself laughing out loud at his narrative, or raising my eyebrows for that matter. Skeptic that I am, I think he’s generalizing both sexes. I truly enjoyed Tangled but I’m not eager enough to jump into the bandwagon like most people here on goodreads are.